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Chestnut Matali Crasset Scented Bouquet

Chestnut Matali Crasset Scented Bouquet

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The founding idea of the Matali Crasset Chestnut Scented Bouquet is expressed through this revisited wick. With this design, Matali Crasset wanted to evoke purification and air circulation. A green fragrance gently spreads throughout your home. The notes of eucalyptus, sage and patchouli blend in a gentle waltz of scents that pushes back walls to bring nature indoors.

Eternal Sap

Maison Berger Paris has created an olfactory signature that echoes the matali crasset collection. It is through exchanges with the designer that Sève Eternelle was born. A pure and fresh fragrance with a natural effect. It conveys a very beautiful plant transparency around notes of hay and sage. Two major natural ingredients are highlighted in this olfactory signature: Clary Sage, Indonesian Patchouli.
Head Notes
Green notes, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit
Heart Notes
Sage, Pepper mint, Aloe Vera, Lotus Flower
Base Notes
Patchouli, Musk, Hay
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