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Heavenly Sun Car Diffuser Refill

Heavenly Sun Car Diffuser Refill

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The sun reverberates against the searing hot sand of the desert when an oasis with palm trees emerges on the horizon. You have become an adventurer, an explorer in the middle of this immense oriental expanse. As you move closer to this El Dorado, you are struck by the bubbly fragrance of bergamot as well as the delicate and light fragrances of flowering magnolia wrapped in a vanilla cocoon. The sound of a car horn suddenly brings you back to reality with a bump… The Heavenly Sun Car Diffuser Refills have offered you a genuine break and you have escaped your daily routine for a few minutes. The master perfume makers at Maison Berger Paris have placed all their know-how at the service of your well-being to offer you ever-increasingly original perfumes. Using the two ceramic refills contained in this pack, your imagination will be stimulated for several weeks!

Heavenly Sun

The Amber Elegance Home Fragrance is a refined ecstasy, a sophisticated romance. Its radiant spices are enhanced with bergamot; its light citrus notes nestle on a heart of cedar; its woody and vanilla notes diffuse sweetness.
Head Notes
Tangerine, Bergamot, Orange Blossom
Heart Notes
Rose, Magnolia, Gardenia
Base Notes
Vanilla, Coconut
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