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Heavenly Sun Mist Diffuser Refill 475ml

Heavenly Sun Mist Diffuser Refill 475ml

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An elegant and sensual perfume that is brimming with fragrant treasures. The citrus top notes of mandarin and bergamot are in harmony, adding a reassuring touch of gaiety, while the orange blossom subtly adds its sweet and grassy side. The nobility of rose, the wisdom of gardenia and the mystery of magnolia can be found in the heart notes. This prodigious blend ends on base notes with exotic accents of vanilla and coconut. You are transported to an unusual and hidden location with one thousand and one aromas. This little hint of the East is now easily accessible thanks to the Heavenly Sun Electric Diffuser Refill. Maison Berger Paris is placing innovation at the service of your lifestyle comfort with a ready-to-use solution. You do not have to add fragrance, water or essential oils to this composition, thereby avoiding any complications when it comes to the right dose. This Heavenly Sun Electric Diffuser Refill will provide you with many hours of well-being. Several fragrances are available as refills, including our best-sellers.

Heavenly Sun

The Amber Elegance Home Fragrance is a refined ecstasy, a sophisticated romance. Its radiant spices are enhanced with bergamot; its light citrus notes nestle on a heart of cedar; its woody and vanilla notes diffuse sweetness.
Head Notes
Tangerine, Bergamot, Orange Blossom
Heart Notes
Rose, Magnolia, Gardenia
Base Notes
Vanilla, Coconut
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