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Lemon Flower Clear Cube Scented Bouquet

Lemon Flower Clear Cube Scented Bouquet

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This Lemon Flower Cube scented bouquet is a celebration of summer, an olfactory parade, a pleasure for the senses. A cube of freshness in transparent glass for an even lighter effect. A flight of black sticks in polymer fibre for optimal efficiency. And a citrus celebration: lemon, sweet lemon, neroli, orange blossom, etc. Here, citrus scents express their freshness, energy and sparkle and spread their irresistible good mood! In addition to decorating your interior with a lovely object with a discreet and elegant design, with our Maison Berger Paris scented bouquets you are choosing the efficiency of our technical know-how, the safety of a cold perfuming system by capillary action and the guarantee of a unique fragrance, developed without colourants by our master perfumers.

Lemon Flower

It is a celebration, like fireworks, or a procession of golden fruits: the Lemon Flower Home Fragrance is a festive day, a sparkling incentive for good humour due to the freshness of its citrus notes and its energetic bouquet of lemon, neroli and orange blossom.

Head Notes

Lemon, Lime

Heart Notes

Neroli, Lime

Base Notes

Vetiver, Orange, Blossom

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