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Olympe Copper Lamp Berger Gift Set

Olympe Copper Lamp Berger Gift Set

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Breathe softness into your interior with the Copper Olympe Lampe Berger Gift Pack and its airy hue. Its slender design and generous shapes gives an impression of nonchalant power and draws inspiration from key symbols of the Olympian world. Discover its characteristic curves, similar to that of amphora, as well as its minimalist lines present on Greek architectural columns, for a most stylish antique effect. Turn purification and scenting into a daily celebration with the Exquisite Sparkle fragrance and its zesty, woody and effervescent notes.

Exquisite Sparkle

It all begins with the invigorating burst of grapefruit zest, followed by the elegance and sweetness of a floral bouquet. Lastly, the base notes are exhilarating and fruity... The Exquisite Sparkle Home Fragrance is the perfect illustration of celebration. It is the laughter of shared joy, the melody of fragrant happiness, Christmas celebrated with elegance and exuberance.
Head Notes
Heart Notes
Patchouli, Rose, Lily of the valley
Base Notes
Violet, Musk, Sparkling Notes
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