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Aroma Relax Oriental Comfort Candle

Aroma Relax Oriental Comfort Candle

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In the evening, the hustle and bustle of the day are replaced with the languors of dusk. The sun sets on the shores of Lombok: the sanctity of the spring waters of Tirta Empul intoxicates you and the scents of patchouli envelop you. Everything about Indonesia invites you to meditate. The Aroma Relax scented candle is respiration. Slowly, its frosted glass body reveals its glimmer. Delicately, the candle diffuses its Oriental Comfort perfume. Everything comes together for a moment of pure relaxation...The floral heart and a dash of Tonka bean and vanilla warm up your interior, while the duo of essential oils ensures a moment of relaxation. Essential oil of patchouli promises a relaxing and balanced effect, while essential oil of lignum vitae purifies your interior. Note that when making your choice of a scented candle, aesthetics is important, as well as the olfactory promise, but not just that: safety and harmlessness must also take precedence. Faithful to its reputation of excellence, Maison Berger Paris has developed 100% botanical wax candles for you. Made artisanally, they do not contain any animal substances or colourants and burn cleanly. The cotton wick is specifically plaited for each fragrance for optimal diffusion.

Aroma Relax Oriental Comfort

The Oriental Comfort Home Fragrance tells the tale of lush vegetation. Tonka bean and vanilla provide warmth and a fruity sensation to your interior, while essential oils of patchouli and lignum vitae provide a moment of relaxation.

Head Notes
Star Aniseed Liquorice
Heart Notes
Jasmine, Rose
Base Notes
Tonka beans, Vanilla
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