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Maison Berger UK

Fresh Linen Lamp Refill - Maison Berger Paris

Fresh Linen Lamp Refill - Maison Berger Paris

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It is a woman kneeling on the water's edge; the joyful conversations around a wash-house; the rhythm of a beater; a whirl of scents from a violet-coloured field and the softness of the fabric. The Fresh Linen Home Fragrance is a childhood memory, the memory of our mothers, our grandmothers, and all the mothers before her. The powdery notes of cotton, the aromatic subtleties of lavender, the unforgettable fragrance of soap...This Maison Berger Paris fragrance embraces your interior in a pure moment of comfort.

Head Notes
Eucalyptus, Aldehydes

Heart Notes
Lavander, Pine, Violet

Base Notes
Apple, White musk, Sandalwood
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