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Geode Frosted White Lampe Berger

Geode Frosted White Lampe Berger

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Surprising and elegant, this Lampe Berger brings warmth and roundness to your interior.

The geodesic sphere is the conceptual basis of this Frosted Geode Lampe Berger, designed by Armand Delsol. Its rounded shape gives it warmth and is enhanced by a set of geometric facets.

Some triangles have protruding vertices, aesthetically shaping the relief of the glass. The frosted appearance of the latter adds a refreshing, light and delicate touch to your interior. Refined and timeless, this colour allows you to reinvent your decoration in a more Nordic style. You can marry colours and materials to bring a cosy spirit into your home. The silver-coloured mount of this Frosted Geode Lampe Berger tops the whole with elegant sobriety.

To create a chic, cosy and even fairytale mood, it is important to make the right choice of fragrance to accompany its design. Depending on your mood, you can easily transform your living spaces and purify them at the same time!

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