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Maison Berger UK

Heavenly Sun Lamp Refill 500ml - Maison Berger Paris

Heavenly Sun Lamp Refill 500ml - Maison Berger Paris

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The Heavenly Sun fragrance with its floral and sunny facets will awaken an intense, yet subtle pleasure in you - you will be in adoration.

Citrus top notes can be sensed in the Heavenly Sun Lamp Refill. The zesty aromas of mandarin are subtly wedded to bergamot to offer lightness and sensuality. The floral notes: orange flower, rose and gardenia, located mainly in the heart notes, balance the overall sensation with their harmonious and sustained scents. The gently floral freshness with lemon and vanilla hints of magnolia, as well as the notes of vanilla, fuse with the zest of bergamot. In the base notes, spicy vanilla and fruity coconut contribute to the exotic nature of this perfume. The Heavenly Sun Lamp Refill purifies the air inside your home while adding fragrance. Developed around a delicate oriental floral bouquet, this olfactory composition is by turn feminine and solar. 

Heavenly Sun

A fragrance that carries you away with elegance, like a breath of sun endowed with a very feminine and prodigiously sensual aura.

Head Notes

Tangerine, Bergamot, Orange Blossom

Heart Notes

Rose, Magnolia, Gardenia

Base Notes

Vanilla, Coconut

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