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Hibiscus Love Bouquet Refill 200ml - Maison Berger Paris

Hibiscus Love Bouquet Refill 200ml - Maison Berger Paris

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Be receptive to the language of flowers with this light and powdery fragrance based on hibiscus, which will lead you to the delights of love.

The Hibiscus Love Scented Bouquet Refill is a floral, green and impertinent fragrance. The fruity and juicy scent of green apple blends with the fragrances of tangy bergamot. The very floral heart of rose, lily of the valley, magnolia and hibiscus plunge you into the heart of the most beautiful gardens. Then, musk and amber add warmth to this olfactory composition. A genuine ode to love.

Hibiscus Love

Today, it is time for a mix of cultures. The West turned to the East, and rediscovered Marco-Polo's spices, which he mixed with his perfumes. Amour d'Hibiscus is a pastel olfactory composition, a transparent, modern and light powdery floral, a multi-sensory, multicultural and multi-faceted fragrance that invites you to travel by sharpening your senses.

Head Notes

Bergamot, Pepper, Apple

Heart Notes

Rose, Lily of the Valley, Hibiscus

Base Notes

Musk, Amber

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