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Joy Agaves Garden Car Diffuser Gift Set

Joy Agaves Garden Car Diffuser Gift Set

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In a breath of air, the delicate vegetal notes of Agaves Garden fragrance reach you and offer you a pleasantly bucolic journey.

With this Joy Agaves Garden Car Diffuser, combining a round shape with graphic cut-outs, Sylvie de France has been able to express all her creativity. The cold and metallic aspect of the object is compensated by the presence of geometrical patterns in relief, transforming it into a precious jewel. The triangular shapes of which it is composed symbolise this delicate femininity, elegantly dressing your interior.

Its interstices, sometimes full, sometimes empty, allow the perfume to diffuse easily into the air. Like a beautiful custom-made ornament, the Joy Agaves Garden Car Diffuser sparkles. This aesthetic accessory allows you to personalise your vehicle but it is also and above all functional. Once the scented ceramic is inserted into the space provided for this purpose, you will enjoy the vegetal notes of an Agave Garden. The floral scents of blue agave and white freesia are gently intertwined, accompanied by a warm woody base of sandalwood. Its intensity of 2/5 provides the right fragrance balance for your travels.

Agaves Garden

A marriage of gentleness and sparkling warmth for a fragrance with pastoral charm and a certain candid softness. A perfume that can combine the various olfactory notes to create an addiction, interweaving of beautiful raw materials to create sumptuous harmony. In the top notes, the fragrance begins with a transparent and airy assembly of lemon, blue agave and coffee. The notes of white Freesia, honeysuckle and violet set the tone. Little by little, a delicious hint of tender vanilla appears with a broad smile over warmer notes of amber and sandalwood.

Head Notes

Lemon, Coffee, Blue agave

Heart Notes

Violet, White Freesia, Honeysuckle

Base Notes

Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood

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