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Maison Berger UK

Musk Flowers Car Diffuser Refill

Musk Flowers Car Diffuser Refill

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The Musk Flowers Car Diffuser Refills emit a delicate scent in a closed space like a car with their discreet intensity level of 2 out of 5. The floral aura of tuberose blends with the refreshing and sunny notes of mandarin. Ylang-ylang perfectly complements the few accents of jasmine, before this olfactory creation ends on the roundness of iris and white musk. This dainty fragrance is powerful and elegant.

Musk Flowers

Feminity translated to perfume ! A flowery and fleshly essence as sweet as it is joyful having a strong dose of mystery. This exclusive fragrance exudes the protective and diffused heat of the tuberose to better sublimate the house. Its imperial iris seems to illuminate your interior with a radiant light. The exceptional Patchouli and the jasmine bud are worked in a tender way. White musk blends perfectly with the rest of the composition to give it even more elegance.

Head Notes

Ylang, Tuberose, Tangerine

Heart Notes

Tuberose, Iris

Base Notes

Jasmin, White Musk

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