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Prisme Red Lampe Berger Gift Set

Prisme Red Lampe Berger Gift Set

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Warm up your interior with the Garnet Prism Lampe Berger Gift Pack, designed by Armand Delsol. Its dark and deep hue enhances with elegance the faceting work on the glass. The contours are also cleverly accentuated by the presence of colour gradients at the top and bottom of the object.

This precious geometry is also reflected on the delicately shaped mount, which perfectly moulds the body of the catalytic lamp. Born from this Baroque combination, the Garnet Prism Lampe Berger Gift Pack stands out by its opulent, warm, and even luxurious aspect. Its fresh and woody Wilderness fragrance, with its hints of lemon, tomato leaves and white birch, provides a touch of natural extravagance. Set off on a surprising powerful and sensual olfactory journey. Through its many nuances of character, this refined gift pack will impose itself as an emblematic element of your decoration.


It is at the same time a strong, captivating and aerial fragrance, having tomato leaves note as well as grapefruit and citrusy top notes. The patchouli and the white birch wood express an adventurous character, while the oak moss releases a strong male sensuality.

Head Notes

Green Lemon, Grapefruit, Apple

Heart Notes

Lotus Flower, Lemon Tree Leaves

Base Notes

Patchouli, Coconut

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