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Rhubarb Radiance Cube Scented Bouquet

Rhubarb Radiance Cube Scented Bouquet

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For an interior full of good humour, opt for this scented bouquet with its energising fruity accords!

Nothing rivals the simplicity of this Rhubarb Radiance scented bouquet and its timeless design to decorate the rooms in your home. Its transparency captures the natural light and enhances the glass. The cubic geometric shape is destructured at the corners with softer and less imposing curved lines to create a comforting atmosphere. This aesthetic and graphic aspect is prolonged with the reeds arranged inside a silver-coloured metal ring which adds height to the object.

Once set up, the Rhubarb Radiance scented bouquet diffuses a fruity fragrance. Its vegetal sparkle tickles the senses thanks to the blend of rhubarb, jasmine and cedar notes. The garden scents leave a tangy, floral and woody trail, full of freshness, in your home. This olfactory composition was developed with real finesse to accurately convey these essences.

Rhubarb Radiance

A juicy and sparkling, singular and daring fragrance that is more citrusy than plant-like. A fragrance that delights our senses and gives us vitality. The crisp, green, fruity and tangy freshness of rhubarb blends in velvety smoothness on a bed of cedar and white musk.

Head Notes
Bitter orange, Rhubarb, Bergamot
Heart Notes
Lily of the valley, Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes
Cedarwood, White musk
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