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Maison Berger UK

Spiral Transparent Neutral Lamp Berger Gift Set

Spiral Transparent Neutral Lamp Berger Gift Set

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You’ll fall head over heels for this unique Lampe Berger with purifying properties that will magnify your interior.

Enhance your interior design with an original touch thanks to this Transparent Spiral Lampe Berger Gift Pack. The design has been revamped with twisted effects on the glass, fitting in with current home décor trends.

The curves give rhythm to the space and break up the roundness of the object, thus creating a more textured look. This transparent catalytic lamp is very modest and can fit in with every style in a chic minimalist spirit. Its shiny silver metal mount adds further elegance.

The Transparent Spiral Lampe Berger Gift Pack is timeless and allows you to purify the air thanks to its Pure Air refill. This neutral solution is ideal for getting rid of unpleasant smells without necessarily perfuming the room. It is also useful between two fragrances and to maintain your burner. In short, it’s an everyday ally for a healthy interior.

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