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Transparent Feathers Ice Cube Lampe Berger Gift Set

Transparent Feathers Ice Cube Lampe Berger Gift Set

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Rose and orange tree weave a fragrant caress of innocence and honeyed sweetness at the heart of this lamp adorned with interlaced feather decor.

With its pure lines and delicate feather motif, the Feathers Glaçon Lamp Berger Gift Pack is an ode to lightness and finesse. Its elegant and airy design, accentuated by a fine silkscreen, brings a touch of nature and poetry to your interior.

This Lamp Berger harmoniously pairs with the Cotton Caress fragrance, a scent that envelops your space in comforting softness and discreet elegance. The freshness of the rose blends with the floral heart of orange blossom, evoking an innocent and pure bouquet. The final touch is composed of cedar, musks, and vanilla, a caress reminiscent of the sensation of clean and soft linen.

The Feathers Glaçon Lamp Berger with its Cotton Caress fragrance is an invitation to create a haven of peace and serenity at home, where each note of the fragrance is a thread woven into a veil of well-being.

Cotton Caress
The Cotton Caress Home Fragrance offers reassuring softness, elegant airiness and comfortable and mellow olfactory well-being. This powdered floral scent opens with clean notes before revealing an innocent rose and orange blossom heart. This new olfactory composition is enveloped in honey-sweet softness where white musk and vanilla reflect each other.

Head Notes
Rose, Fresh notes, Aldehydes
Heart Notes
Orange blossom, Powdered notes
Base Notes
Cedar, Musks, Vanilla
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