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Ylang’s Sun Car Diffuser Refills

Ylang’s Sun Car Diffuser Refills

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To start with, a delicate flower, the Tiaré flower from Tahiti, plays out floral and luminous notes in a Polynesian score. Then, the heart chants a Javanese melody, while ylang-ylang diffuses its creamy and exotic scents. Lastly, the whole settles on an indulgent and sensual base of vanilla and precious wood.

This set is an ode to exoticism, a sunny interlude. More than that, it is the demonstration of the excellence of Maison Berger Paris and a guarantee of efficiency. The 2 Ylang’s Sun refills will add further quality to your Bestseller car diffuser: a small, round, modern object with a honeycomb pattern and shiny chrome colour. This process ensures even and effective diffusion of the fragrance, which has been specially designed for this type of diffusion. The composition is the result of the know-how of master perfumers from Grasse.

Ylang's Sun

The new Ylang's Sun Home Fragrance is an invitation on an olfactory voyage to the sun. The top notes consist of bright and sunny Tiaré flower rounded out by sensual and languorous orange blossom. The heart features Ylang Ylang and coconut warmed by the sun, to finish with a bed of vanilla and delicate woody notes.

Head Notes

Vanilla, Tiare flower, Orange blossom

Heart Notes

Ylang ylang, Coconut, Amber

Base Notes

Vanilla, Precious wood

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